SIWA briefcase wide

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A compact and chic bag that can be used like a handbag. Made from new Japanese paper.

SIWA's classic bag, the "briefcase," is made compact to create a stylish handbag that can be carried anywhere.

The width of the opening is 28 cm. Since the zipper opens wide to the side of the main body, it is easy to put things in and out and you can quickly find what you need. In addition, it is equipped with a pocket inside to accommodate a wallet or smartphone. The handle is wrapped with a cloth, making it easy to grip and feels good.

It weighs only 125 grams. Light enough to be surprised. For those who want to make their luggage as light as possible, the specs that made me happy were realized because it was made from new Japanese paper. It is gentle to the touch, durable and resistant to water. That is the characteristic of the new Japanese paper, "SIWA Bag" made of Naoron. A bag that is heavy even if it rains, with a load capacity of 5 kilograms, and can carry heavy items firmly.

Each sewing is completed by the craftsman sewing with a sewing machine. Strength is enhanced by the structure with inconspicuous seams and the double structure of bag seams. In addition, cushioning materials are put on the bottom and side surfaces of the main unit to carefully carry the stored items and prevent them from losing their shape. It suits a variety of clothes and fashion, and the texture will become even better as you use it.

Material | Soft Naoron
Size | w28 x h15 x d11.5 cm 
Property | water - and tear resistant, durable and lightweight

Storage |  Inner pocket x 1 Handle cloth wrapped Bottom / side urethane

Made in Japan

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