Setonaikai Letter set | shunshun x mizushima

95 kr

Letter set design by shunshun x mizushima, where elegance meets functionality in every detail. Crafted to perfection, each set offers the ideal size for thank you notes and greeting cards, ensuring your messages are delivered with grace and style.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Setonaikai sea with our captivating seascape designs, delicately printed on authentic Hosho-shi washi paper. The serene imagery evokes a sense of calmness, providing the perfect backdrop for your heartfelt sentiments.

Experience the artistry of contrast as the monochrome design on the paper harmonizes effortlessly with the fresh blue hue of the envelopes. This captivating interplay of colors adds an extra layer of sophistication to your correspondence, making each letter a true work of art.

Elevate your communication game with our letter sets, designed to inspire and delight. Whether expressing gratitude or sending warm wishes, our collection promises to leave a lasting impression.

Size | Letter paper : 100×148mm, Envelopes : 162×114mm+42mm, Writing pad : 100×148mm

Quantity | Letter paper : 9 Sheets, Envelopes : 3 pcs, Writing pad : 1 Sheet (10mm grid)

Made in Japan

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