Sekibokka Type three|Ice blue

255 kr

clear blue. It is reminiscent of the scenery where the ice blocks shine blue through the light. The fine intrusion on the surface is also a feature of this color. It's a blue that leaves a lasting impression. The traces of handiwork become shades of color and show a beautiful expression.

Each three-legged plate is hand-made by pushing out lumps of clay. The marks made by the hands during molding appear as changes in shade depending on the color of the glaze, making the work richly expressive and warm.

In addition to the fun of decorating plants, there are many customers who unexpectedly purchase this product in bulk as a plate for serving food. There are 3 sizes, S, M, and L, so please choose according to your purpose.

size |  about S 6-7cm x h1.5cm, M 8-10cm x h1.5-2cm , L 10-13 x h1.5-2cm
material | pottery 

Made in Japan

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〇 Since this product is all made by hand, there may be slight individual differences in shape.
〇 There are individual differences in color. This is because when fired in a kiln, different colors are created depending on how the flame hits.
〇 We would appreciate it if you could understand and enjoy these characteristics as a taste unique to handmade products.

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