Satellite | TEMPO MOBILE

1 950 kr

A series of wooden mobiles named satellite. Each  one of these mobiles is cut out from a piece of wood veneer by laser.  Catching the breeze in a fine balance, the satellite displays its  microcosmic world with a mysterious movement. Four (4) different wood  materials are available to choose from. Have an experience with the  microcosm of your own choice.

Dimensions | W270mm H900mm
Material | Wood veneer ( Zelkova / Walnut ) Color | Zelkova / Walnut
Weight | 132g

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Director, murasawadesign / He specializes in livingware design  centered around furniture. He creates a sustainable environment for  manufacturing while engaged in product developments which make the best  of the individuality of manufacturers and their regionality. He is a  wandering designer who fosters the relationship with individual  manufacturers, focused on hands-on practices with his credo in mind,  “design is present in all aspects of life and activities.”

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