Sake Set | Marianne Hallberg x seto

2 650 kr
The SETO series made by Marianne Harberg, produced a prototype and recording in Seto ware in Japan. It is a set of Tokuri and Inoguchi, the latest work (released in September 2022). It is a collaboration of Marianne that can only be done because it is a potter in Seto, Aichi Prefecture, which has continued since the Taisho era. Not only sake, but also wine. Juice and water are good. You can insert a single flower. "Humor more humor in alcohol" is a hidden theme. It will be delivered in a special box with the author's illustration and title.

About design
The check pattern, which is a synonym for Marianne, is the influence of the French actress Bigit Bardo, who longed for her when she was young. Inoguchi is two types: detailed checks and large checks. One by hand is put in the edge of Marianne Blue. On the back is the name of Marianne and MEDE IN JAPAN engraved.

Marianne Hallberg / Ceramic artist
In 1952, he was born as a florist daughter in Swedish Yotaboli.
She wanders around her world in herth, and she starts her pottery in local Yotaboli. Her unique style, where her plane has risen, lives with avant -garde and cool humor. She is an "artist who is enthusiastic about the artist" whose names rise as her longing potter among young creators.

In April 2022, she was in Japan's first solo exhibition at the glance of a tonkachi gallery. Was held.

About Seto ware
Traditional "Seto ware", which is located in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, has long been used in people's lives and has been incorporated into various vessels and pottery. As it has been exported abroad, it is widely known as a typical traditional crafts that send the charm of "MADE IN JAPAN" to the world. It is a versatile pottery that can chew any style and blend into the intention of the creator because it can incorporate many techniques and patterns from simple folk crafts to expensive and difficult dyes. Regardless of Japanese tableware or Western tableware, you can swallow the design in any form and finish it into a friendly pottery. Marianne's partner in Japan is one of the potters that represents Seto ware, which has continued since the Taisho era.

Size | Box: H8.5 × W16.5 × D16.5cm
          Tokuri: H13.5 × W16.5 × D16.5cm
          Inoguchi: H4.0 x φ7.3cm
Material | Semi-porcelain (Seto ware)

Made in Japan

* Because it is handmade by one craftsman, there are individuality differences such as color, bleeding, shade and shape.

* Microwave oven and dishwasher can be used.

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