Ring Tray Tori

620 kr

 Hakusan Pottery's "Tori" (bird) series has a beautiful glossy white porcelain texture and a slightly bluish hue. The POPPO ring tray designed by Yasuki Sakamoto is one of the most popular items in Hakusan pottery because of its beautiful color, soft curves, and gentle expression.

The pattern that spreads around the Tori is also very beautiful and elegant, and complements the rings and accessories.
It is recommended to store not only accessories but also your favorite accessories and use it as storage for keys . It is a dish that makes you feel happy every time you meet the adorable face of the Tori.

Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, which has been making porcelain for nearly 400 years. "Hakusan Touki" has been consistently designing and manufacturing since 1779 in its historic town.

Size | Ø11.5 x H7cm
Material | porcelain
Made in Japan

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