rice bowl | hira chawan

465 kr

One shape and 144 different colours and patterns for you to mix and match! designed by Masahiro Mori

"My pleasure as a designer is to conceive of forms for daily use, and to create pieces for production in the factory so that many people can appreciate and enjoy them”, Design Philosophy by Masahiro Mori, product designer who won Good design award over 110 times.

About Hira Chawan (shallow rice bowl):
A new concept of rice bowl that has an opposite idea of the traditional rice bowl, a bowl that is very popular and has multiple function for modern homes. You can use it for many purpose like dessert, soup, appetiser and many many more!
*Good Design and Long Life Design Award.

Microwave |OK
Dishwasher | OK

Size | Ø15 x H5.5cm
Material | porcelain
Made in Japan

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