Rakugan chopstick rest | white

110 kr

Rakugan chopstick rest

A series of chopstick rests made in the design of Japanese sweets. The forms created from the traditional Rakugan (hard candy) wooden mold.

Instead of using sugar and rice flour, these “delicious” Rakugan are made of pottery clay and finishing with celadon glazing with Kannyu (natural crackles effect)


01 - Peony 3.5× h0.9cm (happy marriage/prosperity)
02 - plum 3.8× h0.9cm (hope/renewal)
03 - Sea bream w4.6× d3.5× h0.9cm (good luck/happiness)
04 - Kashiwa w4.7× d2.6× h0.9cm (oak leaf: growth/happiness)
05 - Turtle shell 3.8× h0.9cm (wisdom, longevity, protection)

material | porcelain 

Made in Japan

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