Pouch Handkerchief | morita MiW

180 kr

The mysterious world of MiW's gentle story
I expressed it by weaving, embroidering and printing.
Excited with the embroidery of creatures that popped out a little
Accented with the vivid color of the pile.
The material is 100% cotton, so it's a comfortable front gauze and back pile.
It is soft to the touch and has excellent water absorption.

A slightly smaller handkerchief ...
If you think
When you flip the embroidery part, it looks like a pocket
It quickly turns into a pouch with a lid.
It's a fun pouch handkerchief that you can put small things in.

Lips and makeup supplies, sewing, sanitary, disinfectant spray and hand wash set,
Fun candies and tea bags are also available.
You can put various things you use all the time and put them in your pocket or bag.

Size | 12 cm x 12 cm
Material | 100% cotton

Designed by Kusubashi Mon-ori in Japan.

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