395 kr

It is a series that you can enjoy the simple texture of the soil without decorating it. It adds warmth to the unpretentious everyday dining table. It's easy to use for any dish, and it's a container that you can easily pick up.

size | φ25 x h2.3 cm
material | pottery Mashiko yaki
Made in Japan

Remarks | Microwave oven OK  / Dishwasher OK
* You can use the microwave, but please refrain from using it for a long time.

● Before using, soak it in lukewarm water or rice broth before using it to prevent tea astringency and stains.
● When using, clean it with kitchen detergent, etc., and dry it sufficiently before storing it. Since it is water-absorbent, leaving it inadequately dried may cause mold, stains and odors.
● For pottery products, the soil particles used are rough, so do not drag the pottery on a table or the like. (The table may be scratched.)
● You may see a crack-like pattern that occurs in the glaze called intrusive rock.

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