PANJIKAN drip coffee - 4 bags | TSUJIMOTO coffee

119 kr
PANJIKAN (bread time)
The raw material for “PANJIKAN” is specialty coffee carefully selected by Q grader.
What our "TSUJIMOTO coffee" wants to deliver is a "SUTEKINA JIKAN" (nice time) that begins through coffee, not just coffee as a drink.

We would be delighted to be able to provide you  a cup of coffee in your everyday life.

Coffee that fits croissant
Country of origin:Columbia Santuario farm
type:Tipica species 
Purification method:Washed
Degree of roasting:Full City Roast
Coffee that fits cream bread
Country of origin:Rwanda Remera Coffee Washing Station
type:Bourbon species 
Purification method:Natural
Degree of roasting:High Roast
Coffee that fits baguette 
Country of origin:Costa Rica Puente Tarrazu 
type:Tipica species 
Purification method:Honey process 
Degree of roasting:High Roast~City Roast 
Coffee that fits Jam toast 
Country of origin:Ethiopia Hambera Farm in Guj Region 
type:Tipica species 
Purification method:Natural 
Degree of roasting:High Roast Flavor:Strawberry,Apple,Bergamot 
Ingredients: Coffee bean (powder)
Content: 11g x 4 portions

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