Moderato Sugar jar | Natural

390 kr

Online Exclusive

A sugar jar that can be used as a coffee cup , cup with lid or salt jar, fitting designed to have a spoon in the jar while you can close the lid completely 

A natural and calm handcrafted texture, fused with its refined sharpness of shapes are the unique expressions of the Moderato series from Ceramic Japan.

The Moderato series contains very useful pieces and is one of the most popular series among others produced by Ceramic Japan.

Designed by Mr. Katsuhiko Ogino, who has received the Prime Minister's Award twice in the past.

About Ceramic Japan

Ceramic Japan was established in 1973 in Seto, Japan, a place with 1300 years of history of pottery. Since then, they have been creating various products under a consistent design policy, through the collaboration of talented designers and Seto's traditional technologies.

Products of Ceramic Japan have high artistic quality together with high serviceability, as they fuse their reliable technology with designs that fits in our modern lifestyle. As a result, the products achieved various design awards and are highly valued both domestically and internationally.

size | 11 x 8.7 x h7cm | 200ml
material | Stoneware
microwave |OK
dishwasher | OK

made in Japan

Designer | Ogino Katsuhiko

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* Due to the characteristics of the product, there are differences in size, shape (diffrosis), color, glaze (uneven, dripping, uneven surface), etc. There may be small holes and black dots called pinholes on the surface.
*There are some things that distort the cup mouth of each type due to drying at the time of molding and firing in the kiln. It is often seen with large calibers, but please understand the characteristics of pottery and products.
*Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be "peeling" or "scrubbing" of the pedestal in the kiln on the bottom without glaze.
*If you already have a series product, the color tone may be different from the product you delivered.


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