Minoware Rice bowl

295 kr

"Shinogi" , a patter made by cutting the surface vertically and rhythmically. It is a traditional technique that has a neat atmosphere.

It has a wonderful and sophisticated design that goes well with both pottery and porcelain and is familiar with both Japanese and Western styles. It is difficult to find tea bowls and rice bowls with such designs.

White and gray have a matte glaze, and black has a glossy feel.

Size | Approx 11.6 x h6.6cm
Material | Pottery

Made in Japan

Avoid strong impacts and sudden temperature changes, and stop using if cracks occur. It has some water absorbency. After use, wash it quickly and dry it well before storing it. Depending on the glaze, there may be cracks (fine cracks on the surface), but this does not interfere with use.

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