mini bath towel | YUKINE

350 kr

The squeaky clean feeling you get when you squeeze this towel in your hands is the result of our ultimate refining method, called Atozarashi.

Our regional refining method Atozarashi removes starch and other natural impurities, which spoil the absorbency of cotton, through a special cleaning process after weaving. For YUKINE, we spend twice the effort on this Atozarashi process, maximizing the natural absorbency of cotton to its highest potential. The clean, refined cotton fibers rubbing against each other produce the characteristic squeaky feeling, and the touch will become softer and tender as it goes through launderings. By using white cotton yarns for the warp and various colored yarns for the weft, we create designs reminiscent of earth, water, or fresh greens peeking out from beneath fallen snow, and we also have pure white reminding you of a landscape all covered with white snow.

size |  40 × 110cm

material | 100% cotton  
made in Japan

Care instruction | Machine wash 40℃, tumble dry low/gentle, do not use fabric softener

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