Message Card (Students) | Nancy Seki

120 kr

Ms. Nancy Seki made her debut as the first eraser print artist in history in 1985, just as the economic bubble was about to enter.

In the 17 years until her sudden death in 2002, she carved more than 5,000 stamps.
The greatness of Nancy Seki continues to smolder in the hearts of many people, but at the same time, with a single small eraser stamp, she is able to pinpoint the core of what no one could express in words. Is that what you mean?

Along with her extremely sharp stamps, she was also popular with many people for her comments on television and comedy.

At first glance, no matter how harsh the criticism may have been, it was not hated, but it convinced everyone that he truly loved the entertainment of television, and his warm gaze towards all the people who made it possible. I think it's because I kept it.

Her unique point of view has not faded at all, even today, when mobile phones are becoming more sophisticated and the way we communicate and interact with television has changed.

In 2014, the 13th anniversary of her death, in conjunction with the exhibition "Face Amusement Park ~Nancy Seki Eraser Demon~", which will be held to convey the charm of the one and only Nancy Seki, We have decided to make paper goods with the motif of eraser stamps.

Please enjoy Nancy Seki's masterpiece that will make you growl involuntarily.

Box | 6×9.6×H2.2cm
Card | 5.5×9.1cm 

10 designs x 10 pcs = 100 pcs

Made in Japan

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