Mashiko-yaki rice bowl | Small

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Mashiko-yaki rice bowl that fits into the modern dining table

A Mashiko-yaki rice bowl made with the Wada kiln, which inherits the Mashiko-yaki tradition. This is one of the "Kihon no Set" container series, which was born out of the desire to use Japanese tableware with different characteristics depending on the production area in our daily lives. While making the best use of the unique taste of Mashiko ware, this is an easy-to-use design that is familiar to modern dining tables and can be used in the morning, day and night.

A warm container created by the climate of Mashiko

Mashiko is a pottery town where many young artists gather. Among them, the Wada kiln is a kiln that produces traditional Mashiko ware. The pottery that uses traditional glaze is attractive for its healthy beauty rooted in the land. The shape is thick and plump like Mashiko ware used to be. In order to protect the fragile edge, the edge has a rounded and thick beaded edge.

size |  φ11 x 5.5 cm

material | mashiko pottery

capacity | 150g rice

Care instruction 

 * Microwave oven safe.

[Before use]
It is recommended to use the following steps to prevent intrusion (fine cracks on the surface).
● Put rice soup and bowl in a pan and heat over medium heat.
● Reduce heat to low just before boiling and simmer for about 15 minutes.

● Turn off the heat and cool to room temperature while soaking in soup.

● Wash well and dry thoroughly.

* Avoid sudden temperature change, rapid heating and quenching, and if you use it after immersing it in water and moistening it sufficiently(steps above), stains and odors will be less easy to occur.

[After use ]
* You can use the dishwasher, but we recommend hand-washing to make it last longer. Be careful when using dishwasher too much as it may cause damage.
* Wash with a soft sponge as it may be scratched if it is rubbed strongly with a detergent containing abrasives or a metal scrubbing brush.
* Avoid soaking and washing. After washing, wipe with a soft dry cloth, dry well, and store in a well-ventilated place.

[important point]
* Be careful not to chip or crack due to strong impact.
* If cracks occur, discontinue use for safety.
* Intrusive may occur during use, but there is no problem in use, so please enjoy it as one of the textures.
* Since it is finished by hand, there are individual differences in color and shape.

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