Mamezara | Azmaya

180 kr

Mamezara is a popular dinner plate in Japan. You can easily find pictures of Mamezara in Japanese table settings. It is cute tableware, a useful plate, and collectible items.

Also great for keeping small accessories for use as an incense stand holder.

Small plates in auspicious shapes.

It is a joy to use every day.

The dishwasher and microwave oven are safe.

material | Amakusa porcelain

- Ume | Φ82 x H20mm
- Mokkou | W92 x D63 x H25 mm
- Hyoutan | W90 x D72 x H19 mm
- Himawari | Φ81 x H19mm
- Tampopo | Φ82 x H20mm
- Momo | W83 x D80 x H23mm

Made in Japan

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