MAME | Incomplete Collection | Matsukawa hishimonsara 松皮菱文皿

265 kr

In the past, the Arita area actively produced large vases and large plates, but with the changes of the times, nuclear families have become commonplace, the demand for large plates representing family groups has also decreased. As a result, many large plates that stopped during the sketching (GOSU) stage of the production process were left unattended. Their flawed graphic design were fascinating. In 2009 Amabro started the project "KOTTO COLLECTION" a series of art print as the new layer of design to transform this social issues onto a plate.

To recalled the tradition of Arita porcelain through a product called MAME, the "incomplete collection" is designed to pass on the Arita plates design to the next generation.

MAME is a small version of the big plate. The ideal size for appetizers and side dishes.
In addition, with the iconic GOSU and margins for painting , adding the seemingly bold gold design, gives a rural impression due to its size.
This is a tableware that is convenient to match any tableware. It can be used as an accent on the dining table.

Mamezara is a popular dinner plate in Japan. You can easily find pictures of Mamezara in Japanese table settings. It is a cute tableware, useful plate and a collectable items.

A collaborative work between Japanese traditional handicrafts and amabro with the historic traditional elegance and the quality, all plates are handmade by craftsmen.

size | φ10.7 × h1.7 cm
material | Arita porcelain
Made in Japan

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