Lisa Larson Teapot x seto

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About the pot
Made in Seto ware (Aichi prefecture) based on an elephant teapot designed by Lisa Larson  in the 1980s. It contains Lisa's message, "If you can cherish a cup of tea, it means peace." Lisa has always been so, in recent years her feelings for peace have become even stronger, and she expressed that attitude with the giving tea pot the name "Pot for Peace."

[About design]
Designed by incorporating the recent ideas from Lisa, while keeping the good points of the design at that time as much as possible. By changing the handle of the lid to an owl, the owl standing on the back of a large elephant is contrasted, imagining a scene where large and small things coexist. The size is slightly smaller than the original, aiming for a size that is easier to use on a daily basis at Japanese dining tables.

As a guide, the upper limit of capacity is 450cc.
Since the teapot design is hand-pasted one by one by craftsmen, there may be slight deviations and individual differences.
Depending on the type of tea, the holes in the pot may be slightly larger, so the tea leaves may be poured with the tea. Please be careful in advance. We recommend using a tea strainer or a tea bag separately.

Size | W12 x H13 x D9.2CM
Weight | 415g
Material | Semi-porcelain (Seto ware)

Made in Japan

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