Lisa Larson Salt & Pepper shakers

790 kr

It is a salt and pepper born from Lisa Larson's cat pottery. Please use white as a salt container and beige as a pepper container. Above all, it is made with the desire to make the dining table bright and enjoyable so that the time for dinner is a happy time. The height is about 8 cm, and we devised so that the narrow part fits easily in the hand. You feel happy just by putting it on the table while cooking and as a companion for cooking. It will be delivered in a special box with a glimpse of the faces of Shiro and Charo.

[About design]
The theme is "Energetic and charming Japanese dining table!"

Based on Lisa Larson's cat pottery, we have created a shape that can be used on a daily basis. The colors are white and beige so that they fit well in the dining table and kitchen. The point is that there are two moon-colored eyes. The surface is slightly patterned to express the fluffy coat.

Size | W5 x H7.5 x D4.3cm
Material |  porcelain

Made in Japan

Dishwasher and microwave available

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