Lisa Larson Tenugui (mikey pattern, red x red)

250 kr

This is a Mikey colouring with red and white! It is a nice that it can be used for a long time while maintaining cleanliness because it is easy to dry and not eeasy to get moulded. Not only to use for tpeel, handkerchiefs, and wrapping a lunch box, but also for decoration!

Because it is made of Japanese traditional technique "Hand -printed" that requires skills, the contrasting is vividly expressed. Lisa enjoys her fashion, such as wrapping her head or using it like a scarf. Please enjoy your own way of using it,

Size | W36 × H90 cm

Material | 100% cotton

Made in Japan 

What you need to know before purchasing Tenugui

Due to the characteristics of the material, there are the following points generated in the manufacturing process, but we have cleared the quality standards of the manufacturer and delivered products that have been inspected again at our shop.

Because both ends are cut, they are frayed from both ends, but they calm down after washing several times and stop naturally at the end. After washing and fraying, cut only the long thread with scissors.
Due to the characteristics of dyeing, there may be uneven dyeing and discoloration.
There is a risk of color transfer, so please separate it from other things. Also, after washing, dry as soon as possible to avoid color transfer.
Please refrain from using tumbler drying.

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