Lisa Larson Mashiko plate | bird

460 kr
It has been more than 60 years since the encounter of Lisa Larson and the human national treasure, Shoji Hamada. It is a flat dish of Mashiko -yaki that Lisa always wanted to make. Lisa Larson met Shoji Hamada, who flourished Mashiko -yaki in the 1950s, and she learned about Japanese pottery. Since she has been interested in Japanese culture since then, she dreamed that she would someday want to make a work for Mashiko ware. Her dream has finally become a reality.

What is Mashiko ware?
A pottery that produces around Mashiko -cho, Haga -gun, Tochigi Prefecture. Mashiko is said to be a modern pottery mecca. In 1924, Shoji Hamada settled and built a pottery kiln, attracting attention not only in Japan but also in the world's pottery world. Since stone powder and old iron powder are glazed, colored with dog brushes, it is characterized by its heavy hue and a solid feel.

Size | φ17.3 × H2 cm

Material | pottery

Made in Japan

*Microwave and dishwasher safe

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