Lisa Larson bean plate (Mizutamaneko / Arita ware)

350 kr

Introducing the "Gononeko" bean plate series, a delightful collaboration between Lisa Larson's cat designs and Arita ware in Japan.

"Gononeko," meaning "five cats," showcases five distinct feline personalities, each charming and happy in its own way. Collect these unique cat designs for both their cuteness and individuality—perfect for use as meal trays or stylish accessories.

Made with Arita ware, a traditional Japanese porcelain with over 400 years of history in Saga Prefecture, these plates boast transparent white porcelain and intricate, elegant paintings. Elevate your dining experience with these cat-themed plates, ideal not just for meals but also for storing accessories and small items. An excellent choice for thoughtful gifts.

Size | W12.2 × H1.6 × D10.5 cm

Material | Porcelain (Arita ware)

Made in Japan

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