KOKUYO Stapleless Stapler Harinacs 10 pages

200 kr

Innovative new way to staple, no more refilling needed. Safe, Economical , Convenient and Environment-friendly alternative to conventional staplers.

Folding the paper without using the needle. The paper can be closed without using the needle, so there is no need to replenish the needle. In addition, there is no need to separate the stapled paper when discarding it, and there is no need to worry about the needle getting into other things.

Compact body stuck to ease of use. Adhesive hole which is hard to come off.

The position of the binding hole can be known, so you can close the paper while checking the position of the binding hole. It can be bound at both corners and sideways, so it can be bound at any point. There is also a convenient mark on the corner binding. Binding hole position confirmation window is openable, so you can easily remove paper waste and paper dust when binding errors.

With a strap hole / Comes with a hole for a convenient strap when carrying.

- No need to use any consumables, environmentally friendly and save money
- No need to use nails, children can use it with peace of mind
- No need to remove nails before sending them into the shredder, no fear of machine failure and wear
- Make stacked documents thinner and save space
- The transparent window is convenient for confirming the punching position
- Can be used with one hand

* Does not have the same holding power as a stapler that uses a needle. * The number of sheets displayed is the value when using copy paper (PPC paper 64g / ㎡). * The binding area will be uneven due to pressure bonding. * Depending on where toner adheres, the type of paper (thickness and paper quality) and the environment (extremely dry, etc.), binding may be weak, the number of binding sheets may be small, or binding may not be possible. * It cannot be used for things other than paper such as film and those with adhesive. * Be sure to try using unnecessary paper before use. * Please do not close the same place twice. * Insert the paper as far as it will go and push the lever firmly to the end.

Material | Body and Grip/R-PC, Confirmation Window/PC, Grip Reinforcement: Steel Plate, Blade: Stainless Steel
Number of Fixing Sheets | About 10 sheets of PPC paper
Size | W3.2 x D12 x H10cm

Place of Origin: China

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