Kayafukin cat Black | MATSUO MIYUKI

125 kr

Matsuo Miyuki Kayafukin Cat Black, a multi-layered cloth that combines function and style. The outer layer is made of soft cotton, while the inner and backing layers consist of seven layers of highly absorbent and easy-to-clean rayon. When wiping table spills, use the rayon side for easier cleaning when you wash the cloth.

Adorned with Miyuki Matsuo's charmingly stern-faced cats, this kayafukin will add a playful touch to your kitchen. Enjoy the blend of practicality and delightful design in your everyday cleaning tasks.

Miyuki Matsuo:

Discover Miyuki Matsuo's captivating journey from vintage fashion to visionary illustration.

From the vibrant fashion scene of France to the creative hubs of Japan, Matsuo's transition from vintage clothing buyer to acclaimed illustrator has been nothing short of remarkable. Her distinctive artwork graces the pages of magazines, books, catalogs, and a wide array of home decor and accessories.

We are thrilled to present a curated selection of Matsuo's enchanting illustrations, expertly printed on tote bags and masking tape. Dive into her whimsical worlds, where each piece tells a captivating story filled with charm and imagination.

size | 30 x 30cm
material |  Outer Layer: 100% Cotton, Inner/Backing: 100% Rayon

Made in Japan

Important Notes:

  • There may be slight color variations, misalignments, or ink spots in the print.
  • This kayafukin is made with a luxurious seven-layer construction, combining soft cotton on the outer layer with highly absorbent and easy-to-clean rayon for the inner and backing layers.
  • After washing, the starch used in the weaving process will wash out, giving the fabric a soft and gentle texture.


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