KAMACCO rice cooker Large | TSUKAMOTO

1 250 kr

A clay pot where you can cook 2 go of white rice deliciously. It has a double structure with an inner lid and an outer lid, and the inner lid can measure 1 go of rice and water. You can also use it for cooked rice. The clay pot rice brings out the sweetness of the rice and cooks it plumply. 

size | φ18 x h16.5 cm
material | pottery 
Made in Japan

This product is for gas stoves only.
・ IH ・ Induction cooker not available
・ Dishwasher, microwave OK

How to cook:

1) This cooker has 2 layers of lids, use the inner (smaller) layer lid of this pot to measure and put in 2-4 cups of Japanese rice according to your portion.

2) Pre wash the rice 2-3 times in the water with your hand, until the water becomes clear, and then let the rice sit for 30 minutes in the cold water before you start cooking.

3) Empty the water, and then use the outer layer lid to measure and put in the right portion of water for the rice (one cup of water for one cup of rice).

4) Heat the water to a boil, and then change to low heat to cook for about 20 minutes, after that turn the flame off and let the rice steam naturally for 10 until it become fluffy. And then enjoy !

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