Japanese teapot

495 kr

Features of SS tea strainer

- Because the bottom of the net does not narrow like conventional products, the tea leaves open well and the taste of the tea can be fully extracted.

- Since the mesh is fine, it is difficult for small pieces of tea leaves to mix, and you can enjoy tea with a smooth texture.

- Because the net becomes "surface" form, there are few catches of tea leaves, and clearing up is easy.

- Because the net is fixed in the frame of the stainless steel board, we can prevent the transformation that we bend and become hollow.

Along with the tea strainer, this teapot can be used for a long time.

Size | Approx Ø11.5 × H8.5cm, Capacity | 400ml, With SS tea strainer

Material | Porcelain 

Microwave |OK
Dishwasher | OK

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