Japanese Cedar Coaster

195 kr

Because natural wood materials are used, the color and shape are different from the picture and contains nature stripes, please understand that this is not a defect.

material | cedar ( Matte Coating )
size | about 9.2 x 9.2 x h0.2 cm 
Made in Japan

Handling of wood products This product uses natural wood
About Maintenance · Washing
1. hand washing.
2. Please dry with natural drying.
3. After use, wipe off moisture as soon as possible and dry it.
4. Please use household dishwasher without bleach / abrasive.
5. Since it is a wood product, please be careful about how to use it.

1. Please do not wash off strongly.
2. Please dry naturally in a place not exposed to the sun.
3. Microwave oven, dishwasher, dryer can not be used.
4. Please use it in accordance with the purpose and purpose of the product.
5. Please do not use near fire or direct fire · oven etc.
6. It is strictly prohibited to immerse in water or hot water (lukewarm water) for a long time. (Putting on and washing)
7. Since we use natural wood, there are individual differences in wood grain, color and size, There may be some scratches, but Please understand the characteristics of the product.

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