HOSHI KUMA letter set | Mariko Fukuoka

115 kr

A cute letter set depicting a bear living with the stars.
Eating coffee and toast in the morning, going out at noon, and looking at the stars at night...
I yearn for a life like this.

There are two types of stationery and one type of envelope inside.
You can use different types of stationery depending on your mood and the person you are talking to, or you can use them in combination.
You can use it freely.

Made with Mino washi paper, which has a fun rough texture.
You can also enjoy the unique writing experience of Japanese paper.

Mino Japanese paper, stationery 2 patterns, 6 pieces each, size 145 x 181 mm
Mino Japanese paper, envelopes 4 pieces, size 94 x 165 mm

Made in Japan

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