Hirota Glass Hail Bean plate | Moon

212 kr 250 kr

Hirota Glass Hail bean plate (mame zara) is produced by a crafting technique: pressed glass technology that has been introduced to Japan since Meiji era when Hirota Glass established(1899).

Tougher than blown glass, the pattern is clearly engraved, together with the Japanese artistry design; a plum blossom placed at the bottom and hail dots growing from the centre is truly a beautiful scenery of a Japanese winter.

Founded in Tokyo in 1899, Hiroto Glass has established itself as one of the pioneers of Japanese Glassware. In recent years, Hirota Glass has created its own signature style through harmonization of European traditional glassmaking technique and Japanese artistry. While staying true to its classic designs and influence dating back to the pre-war period, Hirota Glass continues to push hand-crafted glass to its artistic limits.

material | Soda Glass
size | Approx Ø11 x h2cm

Care instruction:
Hand wash only with mild detergent and a soft sponge.

Made in Japan

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