Heüge MATCHA BOWL | Oribe

429 kr

A casual matcha bowl where you can easily enjoy matcha at home.
It's simple and modern, so it's perfect for any dish.
Not only can you use it for matcha, but you can also use it as a bowl in various scenes.

Oribe ware named after Furita Oribe, who learned Wabicha as a disciple of Sen no Rikyu.
Furuta Oribe, who loves unbridled beauty over quiet beauty, loves Mino ware, which is called "heugemono", and was born while teaching pottery.
Oribe's green is variously expressed by the kiln. Oribe ware is called "Oribe ware" and I decided to stop using the old designs and colors, and blended it into the Oribe color that better suits my current eating habits.
Please enjoy Oribe's vessels that you can use on a modern dining table.

Microwave |OK
Dishwasher | OK

Size | Approx Ø11.2 x H6.8cm | 500ml
Material | Pottery (Minoyaki)
Made in Japan

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