Hakusan Sendan RAMEN BOWL

495 kr

The classic "White Porcelain Sendan" series has been made since the 1960s.
The multi-layered 1000-step carving brings out the deep expression of white porcelain, and the rust on the edges brings out the overall quality of the vessel.
The large diameter ``6-inch shallow noodle bowl'' makes it easy to serve food, and allows the color of the ingredients and soup inside to stand out.

The 1,000-step carvings that bring out the deep expression of white porcelain are individually hand-crafted by craftsmen.

size |   Ø18.5 x h8 cm / 1250 ml
Material | Porcelain

Made in Japan

Dishwasher safe
This is a handmade product by a craftsman. There may be some individual differences and image differences, but we hope you will enjoy them as individuality and taste.

The ``edge rust'' paint applied to the edge of the vessel is handmade, so there are individual differences in the thickness of the lines and the depth of the color.

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