Kasane Shima Long Fish Plate | Hakusan

330 kr

The Kasane Shima series, released in 1984, features blue stripes with a pen-drawing touch.
Its freshness has not changed since its debut, and it does not limit the menu or scene it can be served on.
The gently curved shape towards the four sides is modern, and while it has a dignified impression, the striped pattern adds a casual touch.
The Long Grill Plate can be used not only for Japanese staples such as grilled fish and tamagoyaki, but also as a dessert plate for serving cakes, fruits, etc.

size |   25.5 × 11.5cm
Material | Porcelain

Made in Japan

Dishwasher safe
This is a handmade product by a craftsman. There may be some individual differences and image differences, but we hope you will enjoy them as individuality and taste.

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