Furoshiki Style Book

179 kr
Furoshiki that symbolizes the spirit of Japan's waste.
It is also popular as a souvenir for overseas tourists.
We tend to connect with traditional images such as "Japanese" and "Tradition",
Furoshiki is a versatile item that can be used conveniently and beautifully in modern life.

This book introduces how to wrap your Furoshiki in your everyday life as a bag or cover.
If you learn how to tie the basic "true knot" and "one knot", you will be able to use Furoshiki freely.
Introduces many ways to wrap in bags, covers, gift wrapping, and various everyday situations.
Everything comes with a wrapping process, so you can start living with a sense of life right away.

A lot of beautiful photos with a variety of styles, from traditional traditional patterns to modern patterns that suit clothes.
It is a fun book just to watch.

All steps have an English translation, making them perfect for souvenirs.
size | 25.7 x 18.2 x 0.6 cm (95 pages)
Language | Japanese
Made in Japan

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