High quality corn starch glue | Fueki

42 kr

Yellow, our image color, means Confidence & assurance.
Made from 100% corn starch to keep your toddler or child safe. This glue contains absolutely no formalin. A trustworthy glue, featuring firm primary adhesiveness, quality coating, and a long-lasting adhesion.
High quality corn starch glue.

Designed for safe use in preschool and early grade school.
Use absolutely no formalin.
The wide container mouth makes it easy for children to use.
Has a funny and cute animal design.

Uses environmentally friendly natural starch (main ingredient: corn starch 100%)

After use, it can also be used as a piggy bank or accessory case.
size | W49 x D49 x H48 mm | Capacity 60g

size | W71 x D74 x H57 mm | Capacity 160g

Made in Japan

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