Choju-giga | Frog Incense Holder

339 kr

Frog Incense Holder

The first scene of Choju-Giga, a famous set of Japanese paintings, contains four picture scrolls, the earliest linear monochrome drawing from the 12th - 13th century that is continued in use in Japanese design.

The content reflects the society of the time, depicting animals and characters in the form of caricatures, which is a masterpiece of Japanese opera (caricature), especially the first scene, which depicts rabbits, frogs, and monkeys in an anthropomorphic way. Is the most famous one among them. Because some of the techniques are similar to modern Japanese manga techniques, Choju-giga is often referred to as the oldest manga in Japan.

As opened, the first scroll illustrates rabbits and monkeys bathing and getting ready for a ceremony, a monkey thief runs from animals with sticks and knocks over a frog from the lively ceremony. Further on, the rabbits and monkeys are playing and wrestling while another group of animals participates in a funeral and the frog prays to Buddha as the scroll closes.

Size | W33 × D15 × H36mm | Hole 3mm
Weight | 17g
Material | Tin

Made in Japan

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