Duetto spoon rest

119 kr

Duetto spoon rests are warm and natural texture is unique and created by the power of nature, flame, soil, weather which is beyond human control.

The glaze is carefully applied one by one, but it is not unified due to manual work. There may be unevenness and have different shading.

The size, weight, and color of the notation vary depending on the state of the kiln at the time of firing, the state of the mold for production, and the lot of raw materials.

It can also be used as chopsticks rest or soy sauce plate

Please note that each piece vary as they are made by hands.

(each item sold separately)

Steam cooking : OK, Dishwasher : please wash in lower temperature*, Microwave : OK

*Duetto series burning temperature is much lower than porcelain, therefore the products are more water absorbency.

please wash in lower temperature and please keep the products dry after use.

size | 8.5 x 9.8 x h2cm 
material | semi porcelain 

made in Japan

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