Ducks Cup & Saucer

410 kr

Ceramic Japan's duck series is a very catchy and comical item with a duck's head as a handle. But in fact, it was designed over 40 years ago. The charm and popularity of the duck series, which has a lovely and surreal look created by hand-drawn eyes one by one, and a warm matte surface that fits into any scene, will not fade even after many years.

Ceramic Japan's Duck’s series makes you want to hug it. The round and soft shape and a matte texture fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The easy-to-use sizing and lineup will make your dining table lively with convenience and healing.

There is this little whole at the tip of the handle, it is  for letting the air escape. The inside of the duck's face is hollow. The hole at the tip of the beak is to prevent the base material from cracking due to the pressure of the air expanded during cooking / washing. Moisture may enter the handle through this hole and moisture may come out from the hole during use. In that case, apply a cloth to the hole and shake gently.

Microwave | OK

Dishwasher | X

size | cup 12.2 x 8.5 x h6.5cm | 170ml , saucer | 

Ø14.3 x h2cm
material | semi porcelain 

made in Japan

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