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Refined over time, the delicate art of brewing Sencha in a traditional teapot embodies pure enjoyment. Yet, there's a certain charm in savoring Bancha or Hojicha in the comfort of everyday simplicity. That's why I crafted a rustic clay pot, perfect for those familiar moments.

Sourced from the rich soil of the Iga region in Mie Prefecture, once the basin of Lake Biwa, our clay boasts exceptional quality. With superior heat resistance and ideal ceramic properties, each pot is meticulously shaped by skilled artisans and fired with locally-sourced glazes.

Whether it's the lustrous black of our candy glaze or the creamy white of our lime glaze, each hue emanates the earth's warmth and the artisan's touch. While our pots should not be used over an open flame, they excel at retaining heat.

To ensure optimal performance, a simple sealing process is recommended before use. By simmering the pot in rice water for approximately 10 minutes, a protective film forms over any fine cracks, preventing dirt and odors from adhering.

Occasionally, with lime glazes, tea tannins may create faint black patterns on the surface. While this adds character, soaking the pot in cold or lukewarm water before use can mitigate this effect to some extent.

Rinse with water and handwash only

material |  Iga clay, bamboo handle
size |  W15 × D11.5 × H11cm | 530ml

(Dimensions Outer diameter 115 x height 110mm (excluding strings)
Width 150mm including spout)

made in Japan
*Please note that the shape of the handle may vary due to the nature of the material.

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