Blue Dip Cup | Essence

440 kr

Dip cup, a new original shape that is timeless. Apply different glazes on the lower part of the cup body to form different color boundaries. It is a mug made by applying different glazes on the upper and lower halves. As it is made by hand, it can reflect each finished product a slightly different look. This product is also a mug cherished and used by the essence team in the workshop. Simple and stylish look, combined with bright colors, such a simple and concise but full of vitality color matching, it is especially exciting!

Please note that each piece vary as they are painted by hand.

Size | Large Approx Ø6 x H7.5cm | 160ml
          Small Approx  Ø7.5 x H9.5cm | 330ml

Material | Porcelain 

Microwave |OK
Dishwasher | OK

Made in Japan 

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