DAYS OF KURAWANKA | BISQUE BROWN - Lunch plate | amabro

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DAYS OF KURAWANKA     Online Exclusive


In the history of Hasamiyaki, which lasts for over 400 years, the most widely known "Kurawanka-tei". It is the way on how the common people's daily dining table used to be set. Inheriting this spirit, the series "DAYS OF KURAWANKA" created by Hagi of Hasami and amabro in accordance with the modern lifestyle

A variety of eating habits, close to our daily lives, casually lined with the daily dining table, and a familiar atmosphere

And as the craftsmen use their own way on design, they become more and more attached. I hope that the daily dining table with Hasamiyaki will be more delicious.

size | φ24.5 × h2.5 cm  
microwave : x  
dish washer : ok  

oven : x

Made in Japan

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