Constellation | TEMPO MOBILE

1 300 kr
This mobile reaches completion as three pieces of  the “V”-shaped parts are attached to a single line of thread hanging  from the ceiling. The thread is bent at a number of points along the way  by the weight of the parts and reveals itself as an angled line as a  whole. It’s a mobile in which the gravity unfolds its own shape.
Dimensions  | W650mm H1,100mm
Material | Stainless steel, EVA
Color | Red / Black
Weight | 21g

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DRILL DESIGN is a design studio founded by YUSUKE HAYASHI and  YOKO YASUNISHI in 2001. They have directed various product design  projects and have engaged in graphic design, package design, and  interior design as well. DRILL DESIGN seeks new possibilities through  its creations based on their concept that design is not a goal but an  instrument of creating the future.


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