99 kr

Cosmetic motif
Coffret is a film sticker that can be pasted and peeled off.

Nuance colors and foil-stamped parts
By being combined
It looks like a cosmetic palette.
It is a decoration sticker.

Made of transparent film material
You can also enjoy stacking them.

・Body size: Approximately 50(H) x 72(W)mm
・Number of sheets: 48 sheets (8 sheets x 6 designs)
・Material: PET

Made in Japan

please note
・A removable sticker made of PET material.
・Please peel off the transparent backing paper before use.
・Do not put it on your skin or put it in your mouth.
・It may not stick to oily, humid, dusty, or uneven surfaces.
・Depending on the material and environment of the adhesive surface, glue may remain or it may be difficult to peel off.
・Do not use or store in direct sunlight, high temperature, or high humidity.
・Specifications, prices, designs, etc. may change without notice due to product reviews.
・The color of the product may appear different from the actual color due to photography, printing, ink, etc.
- There are some parts on the edge of the sticker that look like they are twisted or bent, but this is not a defect as this is a necessary part of the manufacturing process.

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