Clear Masking Tape beckoning cat | Masao Takahata

75 kr
Transparent masking tape of Masao Takahata's "Beckoning Cat" that can be torn by hand, with loose illustrations and a cute sense of sheerness.

A cute transparent masking tape with a loose beckoning cat was drawn by Masao Takahata.
Cranes, sea bream, pine, bamboo, and plum are gathered together to bring together auspicious motifs.
As an accent to the decoration◎

The pattern is printed on transparent cellophane, and it is also possible to use it by tearing it off by hand.
It's cute not only for notebooks and letters but also for transparent things such as bottles and bottles.

*Keep out of reach of infants / do not use for anything other than the intended purpose

Size | width 2cm x 8m

Made in Japan

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