Cha-Pot | Tea For One

520 kr

Small teapots and cups designed in the right size to enjoy alone.
It is suitable for tea bag or loose tea, a tea strainer is included so it is easy to enjoy.

The capacity of the pot is 200 ml, which is suitable for one tea bag.
A design in which the pot and cup that overlaps perfectly and beautifully.
The lid is also designed to fit both pots and cups.

Designed by Komatsu Makoto

Size | Cup 9.5 x 7.5 x 6.3cm 130ml | Pot 13.5 x 8 x10cm 200ml
Capacity |  200ml
Material | Ceramic

Dishwasher | OK

made in Japan

About Ceramic Japan

Ceramic Japan was established in 1973 in Seto, Japan, a place with 1300 years of history of pottery. Since then, they have been creating various products under a consistent design policy, through the collaboration of talented designers and Seto's traditional technologies.

Products of Ceramic Japan have high artistic quality together with high serviceability, as they fuse their reliable technology with designs that fits in our modern lifestyle. As a result, the products achieved various design awards and are highly valued both domestically and internationally.

In 1982, Crinkle Super Bag was chosen as MoMA Permanent Collection. Ceramic Japan is also the manufacturer of the ceramics that are designed by Mr. Sori Yanagi.


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