Dentist Medicine bottle | blue | Matsunoya

250 kr

A retro glass bottle with a square body and a cute lid.
In fact, it is a dental medicine bottle that has been made in Tokyo since the Taisho era.
The square chubby form is kind of adorable.

Each one is made by skilled craftsmen by hand in a mold.
It is the quality of MADE IN JAPAN that has been used as a practical medical item for a long time.

The mouth part is carefully cut with an industrial diamond to prevent liquid from leaking.
It closes snugly.
It's also good for storing fountain pen ink, perfume, aroma oil, etc. in small portions.
Recommended for storing small stationery and beaded parts.
Of course, it is very stylish just by displaying it side by side.

size | round  About Φ4.9 × H7.3cm, Capacity | About 30㏄
         square About Φ2.6 × H5.3cm, Capacity | About 8㏄
Made in Japan

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