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Doctor's bag shoulder to be able to carry lightly
A doctor's bag that feels a mysterious nostalgia as seen in some movies. A shoulder version of the 2-way specification that can be handheld and shouldered, created from the popular DOCTORMAN. With both hands open, you can enjoy the city walk lightly.

A structure that leaves nothing to look for
From the wide open mouth using aluminum base, the contents are obvious at a glance. No more searching for things in your bag. As there is inside pocket, small thing should be able to take out immediately, too.

Don't argue too much with narrow shoulders
The shoulder of the same color as the bag has a thin design that women can easily hold. It is hard to twist with the rotating metal fittings and can be hung quickly. The handle is at the entrance of the bag, making it simpler than other DOCTORMANs.

No. 8 canvas to create a feminine soft look
No. 8 canvas is thinner and softer than normal DOCTORMAN No. 4 canvas. The canvas is PVC-treated to leave a natural texture while retaining the waterproofing function.
For the surface that hits the body, the surface that has been PVC processed is used as a table to prevent color transfer to clothes.

Keep your doctor's bag clean
Since the bottom part uses double dough, the bag does not sag easily even when luggage is put in, keeping the shape of the bag clean. In addition, this also protects the PVC processed surface from water and dirt.

Material No | 8 canvas, PVC processing

weight | About 440g

size | 22.5 x 15 12cm 

Gusset | 12cm
Handle inner circumference | 27cm
Shoulder strap length | About 109-127

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