Arita Togusa dobin (teapot)

1 450 kr

A porcelain clay pot with an impressive hand-drawn Togusa pattern. Togusa is a pattern of vertical stripes with motifs of wild grasses that grow all over Japan.

The simple, rustic, and powerful style reminiscent of the Kamakura style continues to be popular throughout the ages.

It is a large size that can hold 1475ml, so it is recommended for use by a large number of people or for making ahead of time. One is a convenient size to have.

It can be used in both dishwashers and microwaves, but please remove the tea strainer before using it in the microwave.

A convenient earthenware teapot with a tea strainer.

It holds a lot, so it's convenient for large groups, making tea in advance, and filling your own bottle.

This teapot has an indentation on one side to bring out the handicraft texture of folk art.

Size | Approx Ø15.5 × H11.5cm, Capacity | 1475ml, With MS tea strainer

Material | Arita Porcelain 

Microwave |OK
Dishwasher | OK

Made in Japan 

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