After Rain Drip Coffee - 3 bags | TSUJIMOTO coffee

89 kr
After Rain Drip Coffee

Coffee is a drink with a mysterious power that brings us a comfort feeling and encourages us to take a step forward.

The [ After rain coffee ] recharges your mind from the rain to welcome the sun.
Beans origin | Colombia / La Primavera
Ingredients | Coffee beans (powdered)
Net. weight | 10g x 3 bags
Manufacturer / roaster | Tsujimoto coffee

Colombia Primavera Farm

Colombia is a coffee producing country that produces high-quality mild arabica. Willa is one of the most important coffee producing areas in southern Colombia.
Willa has the Andes Mountain Range, where the Magdalena River flows, and its rugged valley is covered with coffee fields. Many of the coffee growers live in this area, where the climate is cool and the soil is volcanic ash, making it suitable for growing specialty coffee.

The Primavera plantation, which is in a rich environment for high quality specialty coffee cultivation, is run by Mr. Jose Ebel who grew up as a coffee farmer for generations. I plant a rare variety of pink bourbon with delicate sourness and sweetness in a farm at an altitude of 1,900 m, cultivate it, harvest it, and wash it with water (Fully Washed).

Exotic variety Pink Bourbon

Pink bourbon was named after the coffee cherry ripe and turned a light pink color. It is a mutant of Red Bourbon that is born in Brazil and becomes a red fruit when it is fully ripe. Although it was rarely cultivated commercially because of its small yield, it has been cultivated in recent years in Colombia, El Salvador, etc. as a small amount as an exotic variety due to its mellow texture and fruity acidity.

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