A4 SHELF | Fukunaga Print

290 kr

A4-size paper-based board folded into a durable and rigid shelf that can be easily attached to the wall with drawing pins. Perfect for displaying or organizing small objects.

Constructed of durable ‘Pasco’ board, containing a mix of used paper and fresh pulp. Coated for water resistance and easy cleaning.

Before folding, attach it to the wall with drawing pins, ensuring the edge is horizontal. Fold along lines, making sure the support is firmly touching the wall before attaching the top.

Not suitable for all wall types. Please check before attaching.
Do not use it for valuable or fragile objects.
Use drawing pins in all holes to ensure full strength.
Do not insert drawing pins into old holes in the wall, as it may cause the shelf to fall.
Do not use within reach of children.
Attach and use at your own risk, ensuring safety at all times.
The manufacturer will not assume any responsibility for damaged objects or injury incurred while using the shelf.

Size | W29.7× H4 × D7cm
Material | Pasco board / Velcro
Quantity | 1 piece  ※Drawing pins not included
Maximum Load | 500g

Made in Japan

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